Animal Issues Matter to Us

Animal Issues Matter (AIM) is an Animal Welfare Organisation registered with the Department of Social Services and South African Revenue Service. We are a Non-Profit Organisation that believes in the highest ethic and morals in Animal Welfare.

AIM offers Animal Welfare monitoring and oversight to the South African Film & TV Industry. We believe in a ‘duty of care’ to any animals used in any way in the Film Industry to ensure that all an animal’s needs are provided for.

AIM can provide guidance for Production Companies to make sure that the best animal welfare practice is followed with “Animals on Set”. This reduces the risk to production and their clients that want to use animals, to ensure that they stay within the law but most importantly protect the animals.

Our Animal Welfare Inspectors (AWI) are trained an experienced in the Animal Welfare field. All our AWI’s are Magisterially Authorised in line with the South African Animal Welfare Legislation.

Please call us anytime or follow the easy links to email us for more information or to make a booking.